There have been many articles in the paper as of late about Twitter. Not only about Twitter but there was an article about Lance Armstrong breaking his collar bone that seemed to get its information exclusively from Twitter updates. At least the reporter had a couple of sources. It seems everyone is on the Twitter band wagon, I spent thirty minutes two weeks ago trying to remember how to sign into my account because I had received a notice that someone was “following” me. When I finally got in and read what the person had written I questioned the point of it all. I really do not care that someone I hardly talked to in college, and would not remember if it were not for social networking sites, is going for dinner on a Friday night. I logged out.
You can not escape though; today there were two articles in the paper about Twitter. Did you know there are people out there who are twittering posing as famous people!? You could be getting a tweet from Rev Run, but really is it Rev Run? Washed up stars now have a new way to stay relevant or semi-relevant. Courtney Love is getting sued because she bad mouthed someone in 140 words or less. I am sure someday I will be on twitter telling everyone how our newborn just rolled over for the first time, I hope not, but I would not be surprised. Maybe I can figure out a way to harness the power of Twitter for my job as the marketing director of a living history park. At least that is less narcissistic then telling all your “followers” that you had a bagel for breakfast.

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