They Seem To Be Getting The Hang of It

Mom and Dad seem to be getting the hang of things. They have started to understand my differnet cries, not that I make it too hard for them there are only really a couple too choose from. regardless I need to give them credit. Dad has gotten the sling down pretty good and Mom is almost there as well. Sometimes I ride in that when we go for our walks. We all go as a family and it is really great sometimes we stop at the coffee shop along the way and Mom and Dad sit and talk for awhile. I mostly sleep as I said before but sometimes I make little noises to the rhythm of Dad’s footsteps. It makes Mom and Dad giggle which makes me happy.

In the mornings now Dad and I hang out. He has his coffee and I have my bottle of milk it alot of fun to hang out just the two of us and then mom gets to sleep in a little bit as well. Dad says that when I am older each weekend we will go some place just the two of us for breakfast. I can not wait for that to start happening.
It has been a busy week we have had lots of guest I like to look at everyone and study their faces, they are all still a little blurry if I am not really close but it is still fun to look at everyone. The ladies seem to love to hold me and the guys all seem scared. Even the ones who are about to be fathers themselves.
That is the week so far. I sleep so much that I do not have a lot to write about, oh I am up to 9 pounds now, Mom and Dad take good pictures though so here are some for you to enjoy.

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