2010 Goals

The smog settled into the valley just before Christmas and save for a few days it has stubbornly refused to leave. The storms have passed us by and unleashed piles of powder from the Midwest to the East Coast. This time of gray sky reflection has gotten me thinking of what I am going to do in 2010 and how we are going to spend the sunny days when they do come again.

I have only written down my yearly goals a few times in my life. The last time was in my mid twenties; I typed them up and hung them on the wall next to my bedroom door. I failed so miserably at obtaining any of them that I gave up on any future lists. Despite this I am a goal oriented person and it was my wife’s comment about this fact that got me thinking about goals for this year. With my new role in life I have a lot of time on my hands and an impressionable mind to entertain. With this in mind and a hope to save some shred of sanity I took some time the other day to write down my list of easily obtainable goals, save for the number seven, for 2010.

1. Get a wicked goggle/sunglass tan
2. Hike every other day
3. Hike all the trails in Mill Creek Canyon
4. Hike from Neff’s Canyon to Mill Creek Canyon
5. Write a blog entry at least once a week
6. Spend more days and hours per day outside than inside
7. Get three powder days
8. Build Noah a toy box

I would like to say something profound about my list, but really there is nothing profound about getting a wicked goggle tan. This list, however simple, really has nothing to do with the words that make it up and has everything to do with introducing Noah to the beauty that is outside our door. So that he knows that the world is not just computers, text messages, video games and fancy stuffed animals that know his name. It is about adventure, learning and exploring the world around you. It is about using your imagination to create something so amazing in a place so beautiful that when the sun begins to sink into the Western desert you do not want to go inside but you do; dirty, tired and hungry and full of wonderful stories to tell mom during dinner as a family.

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