Thanks Dad

The non-descript brown book sized package was resting by the back door when we returned home from our afternoon walk. It was addressed to me and Noah, in my Dad’s handwriting. Stamped on the package were the words   “media material”. I hoped inside was the book Dad and I both loved so much.
I opened the package while Erin and Noah looked on, inside something was wrapped in Christmas paper, with a note;
I knew at that moment it had to be Robin Goodfellow and the Giant Dwarf. I tore open the paper as if I were a child on Christmas morning. There was the book that could make my Dad and me laugh before we even opened the cover. It looked newer than the tattered and torn copy from my childhood, and yet it was not brand new as I thought it would be. As I opened the cover a picture postcard of Tomie de Paola (the illustrator) fell out, odd I thought as I turned to the title page, and then it all made sense. The inscription read:
The book is no longer being printed, which makes it all that more special, that it is signed for Noah and I brings tears to my eyes. It is the simple things in life that mean the most; that is one of the many lessons my Dad has taught me over the years and continues to teach me even now. It is something that I plan to teach to Noah, I just hope I can do as good of a job as my Dad.

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