Sorry We Can’t Pay You

Cartoons, National Politics

Outrage should be your only emotion.

One thought on “Sorry We Can’t Pay You

  1. Hey, Jorden, I’m a very old friend of your aunt Lynne, and I just happened upon your blog (though I’ve heard a lot about you before from Lynne). I’m wondering, was it just coincidence that this sketch immediately reminded me of the “selection” process on the arrival ramp of Auschwitz, or were you maybe inspired by having seen such drawings yourself? Or does getting a rejection letter feel like going thru such a selection? (I write this with half a smile on my face–don’t take me too seriously!)

    Anyway, I really enjoyed reading all your posts, and I have now signed up to be a subscriber. Noah’s lucky to have a dad like you!

    My condolences on your dad’s death. I never had the opportunity of meeting him, but Lynne has told me what a wonderful man, husband, and father he was and what a huge help and comfort you and Tycen have been to your mom these past weeks.

    Janice Weiss (in suburban Chicago; U. of Michigan 1964)

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