Happy 2nd Birthday Luke


Dear Luke,

You’re two today and I am wondering where the time has gone. It was just last year that we were getting settled into our new life here in Vermont and this year we are in a different house while our house is being built. That house, the one where you will celebrate your third birthday, is the one we hope you and Noah will spend the rest of your childhood in.

Last year you were only crawling, all be it at a rapid pace, now you don’t really walk but rather run everywhere. You’re animated in your actions, like when you move your tongue rapidly over your lip or do your funny walks and you love to move to the music no matter where you are.  You have your own dialect, many of your words are shortened to the first part of the word itself but some how you get your point across. You can say some words very clearly like; no, yeah, mom, why and Fire which you say over and over again whenever you hear a siren or see anything related to the fire department.  At times you remind me of the characters Bevies and Butthead, because one of them said fire repeatedly.

You want to do everything your brother does and even things he wont do, like going down the sledding hill head first on your stomach, and nothing that he wants you to do.  You are a gentle soul who worries when others are sad or upset. At times you seem fearless, which worries your mother to no end, I suppose you will be doing that for many years to come.

You love to be outside and have a particular fascination with birds and bugs and would rather look at the frog and feed them dandelions then see what is going on at the building site of our new home.You will seek out a mud puddle from afar just to dance in it. Even more than mud puddles, bugs and birds you love the sandbox. Last summer I had to double the size of ours so you and your brother would have room to play and yet you always seem to be on top of each other.  You are a savvy little boy though, for you know that to get along in this world it helps to understand technology and so you have taken it upon yourself to learn how to work the iPad.  You can switch between programs and even call Nana from time to time. Perhaps someday you will use you love for nature and technology to discover a new kind of bug, that lives only in mud puddles in some remote land.

Planes are another fascination of yours, picking them out of the sky and yelling “plane. plane” as they fly over.  This past spring at Shelburne Farms you marched determinedly out of the woods into the field, your head pointed towards the sky. Ignoring my query as to what you were doing.  Until you spotted the plane you could hear and then  you ran back to me as if marching out of the woods without looking where you were going was a normal everyday thing for you.  We were collecting sap that day and you desperately wanted to carry the bucket, eventually after you had splashed enough on yourself you decided to just stop where you were and start sampling your hard work.

This has been such an amazing year and it has been so wonderful to watch you turn into the little person that you are. I have greatly enjoyed our time together, just the two of us, while Noah has been in school. Sitting on the park bench watching the traffic go by while having a morning treat and all the grocery store trips we’ve had together where I’ve had to mindful to not get too close to the side of the isle.  I am so looking forward to all the adventures we will have together over the next year and the joy of watching you grow even more.

Happy Birthday Luke.  I Love you. Luf,


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