Jarrod Kelley


It has been twenty years since we gathered at the emergency room to grieve. Twenty years since we learned that the world does not stop when your world crumbles. Twenty years since he taught me about friendship, loyalty and how simply asking someone how they are doing can make all the difference.


2 thoughts on “Jarrod Kelley

  1. This was a soul that touched every single person he came in contact with. I still remember needing a ride home and he gladly volunteered himself. The days in the AV room were always entertaining with such a great group. There are several souls that helped create such a warm and inviting atmosphere who have gone further in their journey than any of us here can imagine. I still think back on the days in school where Jarred made me smile. Thank you for sharing this Jordan! You were also someone who helped to make people around you smile. 🙂

  2. Jarrod did quietly make noise!
    His noise lives on in those quiet moments.
    His spirit is always here. Always.
    That smile, his laugh and his genuine caring heart and soul will be forever with me.
    Thanks Jarrod for being. For being you.

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