The MG

The MG holds a certain stature in my mind because my Dad once had one and when he an my Mom were driving across the country he insisted that if they drove fast enough when it was raining then they would not need to put the top up because they would not get wet.
I have this “On The Road” romantic image of my parents on some straight two lane road with nothing around but flat empty land racing headlong into a storm.

On my way to the beach last night an MG was in the parking lot, I do not normally draw cars but this one caught my attention before I knew it was an MG. When I saw that it was a dark green MG, my Dad’s MG is always dark green in my memory, I knew I needed to try and draw it.
As I was drawing a couple passed by and we chatted for a moment. When I felt the woman looking over my shoulder, I mentioned that I was not sure how the sketch would turn out since I did not normally draw cars. The women replied, “It will turn out as it turns out.” In a tone suggesting that it would be good regardless of if it was perfect or not. When the owner came back I told him my drawing would not do his car justice. His response was that he was flattered that I was drawing his car, then he went over to a near by bench to give me time to finish up.
This was a great new subject to sketch and has opened a new door for me. The words of encouragement from total strangers, words my Dad certainly would say to me, helped to push the door open even more.