The Raiche Farm: Danby, VT

Sketch Books, Watercolors

Early this morning I went over to the Raiche farm to paint and sketch. I had limited time and spent most of it in frustration because I was putting too much pressure on myself to capture a childhood memory perfectly. When this happens the best thing I can do is remind myself that if I want my art to look like a photograph I should take a picture, not try to draw the scene. below are sketches of:

Some Yankee ingenuity: an old steel drum with part of it cut away a large brush mounted inside and hooked to a motor.
Old cow stanchions
looking into the hay loft
The front of the barn





Vermont Meadow at twilight

Sketch Books, Watercolors

July evening in Danby, Vermont


Someones Private Oasis

Sketch Books, Watercolors



On The Road in Vermont 7-19-11

Sketch Books, Watercolors

Painted this morning with my childhood friend Kevin. It was a great way to start the day.

Dorset mountain