Note from a Ten-Year-Old

Mr. Jorden Guess what the last time I saw you smile was like 4 years ago and you just pretend to be happy when friends are over. – From your blame everything on me Noah guy

Society seems to be returning
To the tower of babble

I am arrogant enough to deflect blame onto the masses
Gathering words and pontificatingā€¦

But I need to own this

My children see me for who I really am
When my actions betray my words

When their indiscretions arise
And I draw straight lines to consequences
Without dialog

Nurturing fear
Rather than communication
While watering the seeds of cunning

Quick to cast judgment
On the actions of others
Muttering that judgment
For the children to hear

Tenaciously holding onto the belief
That my assumptions are absolute truth

I need to allow myself to be vulnerable
Letting loving kindness guide me

Then Iā€™ll be able to hear