Colorful Socks

Due to airline delays and cancelations, 
I’ve been wearing the same socks and pants for three days. 
I found one last pair of clean underwear and a shirt that smells ok.

I’ve got a drawer full of colorful dress socks at home. 
I have a home. 
Which is more than I can say for the family living in this hotel.
Today they are moving from the fourth to the third floor. 

I saw the father with four plastic shopping bags
Bulging with used groceries
He picked up his pace when he saw me. 
Avoided eye contact. 
I hope I didn’t give him a judgmental glare.
I probably did. 

One does not want to give away the fact they are being judgmental 

I took in his long hair, furtive glance, and cheap tattoos and I judged him. 
I drew conclusions and asked questions in my mind

Then I worried that his bags would split 
The contents crashing to the floor.
A mix of broken glass and assorted food. 

But first I judged him.

I saw the whole family at the breakfast buffet in the lobby. 
The mother was wearing a shirt that proclaimed 
“Only God can judge me.” 
She caught my eye and I knew she knew I was judging her too. 

I am writing all this at 30,000 feet
As we make our way to our home
With drawers filled with colorful socks and clean clothes.