Who is this Guy?


Jorden is a stay-at-home-dad, Christ-follower, and writer, who tangos with depression.  He met, his wife Erin at a party, and got her number by offering her boxes of Jell-O that his former roommate had left in the pantry. He is a lover of words, wild places, tattoos, fountain pens & fedoras.



The photo above was taken on September 9/27/18.
Instagram caption:
Today is the first day since I started running again in earnest (5 months) that I ran for the pure #joy and #love of #running and not to cope with my #deppression. That’s not to say I’m cured, but, for today the cannonball of despair and sadness is not lodged in my gut. The bully that lives within my mind is, for the moment, silent.



HOLD FAST to the love of the Lord.

SLOW YOURSELF DOWN to admire the beauty and nuances of life.

Unshackle the Joy and recapture the invigoration of youth.





3 responses to “Who is this Guy?

  1. This little guy was pretty impressive as an actor. You see him here when he probably was about 5 or 6, if that . When he was 12 he had the lead in the play. He was following in the footsteps of his older brother, Tycen. They were both terrific!! Reading lines, rehearsals & being in the audience with my boys on stage are some of my fondest memories as a mom.


  2. Hello Jorden!
    Although you don’t know me, may I offer my sincerest condolences to you and your family. For the past several years, your father was often my seat-mate during Rutland Curbstone Chorus rehearsals. After joining Facebook in early 2010, Mark and I “friended” each other. His FB profile contained a link to this blog, which explains my choice in contacting you this way.

    There are many threads which weave the fabric of a life. I feel privileged, having attended the Celebration of Mark’s Life, to now have a more complete view of the pattern. My thanks to you, your brother and your mother for allowing me to have this experience. Your wood stove and wood pile poems especially resonate with me.

    Since last summer, when Mark emailed the Chorus announcing his leave of absence, I have been praying for him. It continues. This past Friday night, I fell asleep during my petitions for him. Just before I awoke Saturday morning, I had a vivid dream about your father.

    At first I did not recognize him. He looked younger and although his hair was still salt and pepper, it was a bit longer with bangs. He was engaged with many uniformed barbershoppers, whom I did not know, and men in business suits. It was clear he was networking and in his element, dressed in a light gray, well cut suit. He saw me, smiled and nodded but said nothing.

    I woke up after that, filled with a sense of well being. It is my belief he is continuing what he has always done. Lately, my petitions included a request for a sign. It appears to be granted. A sense of peace filled me today.

    Mark really liked singing “Sh-Boom during rehearsals!” He enthusiastically shared his experience of seeing the Crew Cuts perform it live when he was fifteen years old.

    When I mentioned to him how well you wrote and sketched in your blog, the pride he evinced was palpable. Was it you who posted the picture of your father holding his grandson on FB? I can still see the face Mark made and it always makes me laugh when it comes to mind.

    There are many more memories but let me finish by saying I have missed your father at rehearsals since last summer. That will continue. I can never sing “Sh-Boom” without thinking of him.

    God bless you and your family,
    Charlie Campo


  3. And his 13 year old little brother got on the Illinois Central by themselves to the Oriental, or was it the Chicago, theater in downtown Chicago. Sh-boom, sh-boom…times were different then.


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