I write. I sketch. I journey with depression.

After graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design from Colby-Sawyer College in 2001, Jorden worked a variety of jobs as a waiter, self-pay collector, account specialist for recreational vehicle finance, manager of the American Diabetes Association Vermont office, graphic designer/event manager and creative director before settling into a career as a stay-at-home-dad and CFOO (chief family organizational officer) in 2009.

Since childhood Jorden has dreamed of being a writer, but trouble with spelling and grammar made him bury the dream. At the age of seventeen he began writing poetry as way to release the cacophony of feelings surrounding the fathering of a child and a year later the death of a close friend.

Encouraged by his aunt, poet Lynne Knight, he started this blog, originally called Smart Men Marry Doctors, in 2009. Since that time, he has worked closely with Lynne who is his writing mentor.

The Blog Name was changed to Quietly Making Noise after the death of his father, Mark, and is named after his father’s favorite Jimmy Buffett song of the same name. The idea of quietly making noise always amused Mark, to the point that he had the words as his screen saver. For Jorden the idea also sums up the focusing on the nuances of life without a lot of pomp and circumstance.

Jorden was diagnosed with depression in 2009 and since then has made an effort to be open and honest about his journey with it.  At times this leads to some alarming posts, such as “Caterwauling at 10am on a Tuesday.” He feels this type of honest writing needs to be put forth to help others know that they are not alone. The poems and essays do not necessarily reflect how Jorden is feeling on the date of publication. In many instances the posts were written months if not years before. So the work you find here is not in the vein of social media updates but rather an opening of a door to allow the reader to discover something.

A lover of wild spaces, Jorden makes his home with his wife, Erin, and their two sons in a quiet corner of Vermont.