Trying for a Top Ten Finish at a Cross Country Meet

Crowded together
Bodies tense and 

Of the starting pistol

We leap forward
With each foot strike 
I feel the give of the grass
Sweat building on my brow and face
My breath is too fast 
I need to settle into a rhythm  
Focus on keeping my pace steady  
There are three miles to go

Into the woods 
Shoes biting into the dirt

Negotiations for position begins
Don’t look back it slows you down
Look forward 
But not too far
Pick this person off
Go through the large mud puddle 
And gain ground

A steep hill
Two people pass me
I’ll get them on the down
By letting gravity do the work

The final corner
Back onto the grass

The cheering crowd 
A shot of adrenaline
I have to moderate my speed increase
Too soon and I’ll flame out

As I gain on other runners
I make loud guttural breathing noises 
They slow and glance back 
I pass them 

Pick up my speed just a bit

The crowd is louder now

Hold my speed just a moment more



Arms pumping
Lungs burning 
Heart thudding
Push harder
Legs feel like jello

Keep pushing 
And I can overtake one more
Our arms banging off each other 
As we both dig deeper
Fighting for more ground 
Down the finish chute

At the last moment he pulls ahead
Leaving me behind