Growing Older But Not Up


As children we are always told that life moves even faster as an adult, I have found that yet again my parents were correct. Noah will be eight months old soon and it is a bit hard to fathom. He now sits up and army crawls around the floor, I am waiting for him to stand up and start running around soon, as I did at eight months old. It is amazing to see his personality imerge a little more each day and to feel the bond of father and son grow ever stronger. A good way to grow that bond is to wonder around in public together making clicking sounds with our tongues and then random times yelling baaa.  This enjoyment, for me, is heightened when I get funny looks from people because they do not see Noah riding in the cart.

I hope you enjoy the new home of the blog and come back often to check out new sketches that I am going to try to post weekly. I hope to also start making post about our adventures again but I find it hard to write in the summer so I am not making any promises.

4 thoughts on “Growing Older But Not Up

  1. hee hee…i don’t realize that i have the habit of mimicking every weird noise asher makes until i’m out in public and automatically start exclaiming “gah, gah, gah!” or “brrrrrrr.” i’ve gotten my share of puzzled looks. 🙂

  2. WordPress is more user friendly and you can track who is looking at your blog very easily. It is also a lot easier to upload pictures which comes in handy when I am putting up my sketches.

  3. Hello Jorden,
    Just wondering why you moved from Blogger? I look forward to seeing your work. I just put a new piece (first in a year up on my blog.

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