On the Eve of Kindergarten

-This was written on 8/24 the night before Noah started kindergarten

It is hard to believe that the summer has drawn to a close, at least as far as school schedules are concerned. At this time three years ago I was feeling completely overwhelmed with being a stay-at-home-dad. I vividly remember standing on the playground of Noah’s nursery school and feeling as if there was no light at the end of the tunnel and wondering how I would make it for three more years.

Staying home was never the plan. When Noah was born I had a job that I loved and there was no plan on leaving. Then on a Monday two weeks after he was born, I was let go. I remember coming home shortly after I had left for work and standing outside the front door of the house, seeing Erin through the window sitting on the couch with Noah on her lap. We decided then and there that I would stay home. It has not been easy, but now on the eve of him starting Kindergarten I wouldn’t trade any of it. God truly had a plan but I refused to hear it so He had to take some hardline action. I am certainly glad that He did.

I have learned so much over these last five and a half years, not only about being a dad and a husband but also about myself. I learned to let out the person that I needed to be and to stop trying to be the person I thought I wanted to be. I’ve learned to be honest with myself and accept my faults and try, often without success, to fix those faults. Being a stay-at-home-dad has taught me and given me more than I could have ever hoped for or imagined. Thankfully I get one more year of learning with Luke and I can’t wait to see what that brings, now that we have all this time to spend together, just the two of us.

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