The Ultimate Rush


My last will and testament for my senior high school bio was to find the ultimate rush. When I wrote that I assumed that it would involve ripping down some gnarly single track on my mountain bike, or taking the steepest deepest line I could find on my skis. Then I met my wife and discovered that the ultimate rush had nothing to do with extreme adventure and everything to do with finding true love.

Our lives will soon be forever changed and it will be amazing. I am not holding any illusions that this change will be nothing but wonderful, I know it will also be very painful. My brother, a father of two girls and a career soldier, describes parenthood to be like “ranger training”. Which pretty much puts any thoughts of rainbows and sunshine out of your mind immediately. Regardless of the struggles we are sure to endure I can not wait to hold that little body in my arms, It is certain to be the ultimate rush.

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