What is That Smell?


Being a stay at home dad I have started taking long walks each day, this is for multiple reasons but mostly it is so I do not pull out my hair, which seems to be falling out fine on its own anyway. One sunny fall afternoon I am out walking with Leunig and Noah and Leunig stops to do his busienss. I, like a good dog owner, pick it up. I loath to carry filled bags while on our walks and there are no trash cans out on the street; I cleverly place the bag of poo in the bottom cargo net of the stroller and we continue on.

Two Days Later
I am sitting in the living room and I catch a slight wiff of an unpleasant odor. It smells like a rodent has crawled into the wall and died, those who live or have lived int he country know this smell. Then the smell goes away and I forget about it.

Three Days Later
While passing through the living room I smell it again. My wife who had a magnificent sense of smell during her pregnancy says she can not smell anything. I guess you do not need a good sense of smell when you can hear your child fill his pants from a block away. I begin to wonder if I am loosing my mind. But a short time later I smell it again and so I begin to sniff everything. I sniff myself first, better to rule yourself out first. then I sniffed the chair and it’s cushion, I pull out the cushion and smell the inside of the chair. I remove my slippers and smell them. Now I am on my hands and knees looking and sniffing under the furniture, and in the plants. Onto the stroller, still on my hands and knees I am sniffing the wheels. Did we roll through something? I sniff the front wheels and as i am making my way to the back wheels I have a great view into the the cargo net on the bottom of the stroller. There staring back at me is the bag of poo I so cleverly placed there three days before so I would not have to carry it.

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