Having a Dog is Nothing Like Having a Child


My wife and I adopted a dog, Leunig, from the local animal shelter two years ago. It was a major change for us, no longer could we work late without worry, take off for the weekend to go camping on a whim or spend the entire day out of the house, we had a dog to think about. One day after we had sent Leunig to the local pet store for a much needed bath I remarked to my father that it was a nice respite and that having a dog was good training for having children. His response was rather blunt. “Having a dog is nothing like having a child.” I know now what I feared then. He was right.

With a dog you can put them outside or in a kennel if you are leaving the house. When they bark all day , you can buy a bark collar so that they no longer make a racket. Putting the child in a kennel is not allowed even if you stay in the house and turn on the baby monitor. Likewise they do not make cry collars for children. Leunig eats twice a day in the morning and at night. Noah eats ever two hours, day and night. When he is hungry he lets you know by screaming, if the dog is hungry he nuzzles you with his cold wet nose. With a dog you take them outside to do their business, sure if you live in an urban area you need to pick up their business with a bag but at least you know you will not get peed on while you are doing it. A baby boy fires off his howitzer (see previous post) and before you know it he has engaged his water cannon as you frantically try to cover him with anything in arms reach. When you are trying to get something done and the dog wants your attention you can tell him to go lay down. Have you ever tried getting a baby to lay down when they do not want to? Try herding cats, you will have better luck.

One thought on “Having a Dog is Nothing Like Having a Child

  1. Dear Noah, While your father may despair about the differences between you and the dog, be assured that someday he will be telling you the same thing that I told him. While his trials and tribulations can seem sometimes overwhelming be also assured that he loves you and deeply and as much as his mother and I loved him and that even though you are of a somewhat young age he is already proud of you and excited about your future, whatever it may be, as we were and are of his. May you have the good fortune of finding as good a wife as your father and I did. Much luf [you'll need to get used to that spelling], grandpa

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