Silly Make Them Up As you Go Songs


Generally when I have house work to do I put Noah in his little chair and sit him where he can watch me and we can “talk”. This normally works out well and he is sufficiently entertained. Sometimes however he finds watching me attend to these mundane tasks less than interesting and I often have to sing/rhyme and dance to keep him from crying. Though this is a horribly inefficient way to get chores done it is amusing.

We have neglected the kitchen for the last few days. This happens when we do not put the clean dishes from the dish washer away as soon as it is done. Of all house work, I hate cleaning the kitchen the most; on the flip side it drives me batty when the kitchen is not clean. Though not batty enough to get off my duff to clean it right away. Today I reached my batty peak so after breakfast I began to cleaning. Noah found this less than a desirable way to spend a half-hour, so I found myself dancing and singing/rhyming silly make them up as you go songs while shelving clean dishes and stacking the dirty ones in the dishwasher. I began to feel as if I were channeling the Marx Brother’s brand of silliness.

The dancing and singing/rhyming do not just happen during chores. They also happen at random times for a multitude of different reason but mainly because I like to make up silly songs and Noah likes to see me “dance.” I encourage this kind of behavior from all Dads. It not only entertains your child but it also reminds you not to take life so seriously. Below is one of my greatest hits, feel free to use it at the next diaper change.

You have stinky pants
So I will do the poopy dance

Lift up your left and lift up your right
(these are your legs as you hop back and forth)
What’s in that diaper will give me a fright
Repeat all lines as many times as you see fit.

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