I have showered and put on clean clothes


It is eleven in the morning and Noah is taking a nap, it is rainy and cold outside and I am waiting for the second and third loads of laundry to be done. Monday is Laundry day. Am I doing something productive while I wait? No. I am staring at the TV watching a show geared towards stay at home moms and trying to get some tips on blogging. I have showered and put on clean clothes.
We have an extremely busy week this week with a going away party, Marti Gras gathering, Church service, and a pot-luck. Why am I telling you this? Well I have nothing else to write about, the TV show I was watching said the bloggers they interviewed posted daily, some at the same time each day, I became inspired. I am also hoping that as I type some clever line will come to me that will make you laugh, So far it is not looking good. Until that line comes to me here are five ways to keep your child and yourself entertained:

1. While eating make noises like Cookie Monster
2. Dance and/or sing for him
3. Fly him around the house like superman
4. Give them a new toy to play with
5. Take that new toy and play with it yourself

Tune in next week when I will tell you how much fun it is to take care of a four month old while fasting.

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