Trail Running With A Jogging Stroller


Just a month into starting ranger training I wrote that you needed to be in good mental and physical shape to be a stay at home Dad. Your mental sharpness, as any parent will tell you, goes out the window at month three due to major sleep deprivation.  Around this time you being to forget to put your shoes on before you leave the house .   I have also been heard to say that I run to  keep my sanity, sanity it turns out is rather fast, so I have given up running after it.  I am hoping that eventually it will  get tired and  come back.

I was on my high school cross country team for a couple of years so I prefer to trail run. However when your job is to watch your child trail running is a  little hard to do.  I accepted this fact and borrowed a stroller from some friends so that I could at least run around the city when ever Noah would allow me.  We call the stroller the Cadillac because it has some amazing features .   It has rear shocks,  two cup holders , a glove compartment,  one of those gadets that tracks your miles and speed.  It also has a place to  plug  your Ipod into a speaker.  This seemed logical to me, from a safty stand point, the parent could listen to music while running but with out the danger of having headphones on.  The speaker, unfortunately, is not very loud so it is hard to hear.  One day, when I was still chasing my sanity, I decided that I needed some inspirational music for my run.  Now inspriational music to many of you may be,  well,  inspirational.  For me, at least when running, inspirational music is what I like to call angry white man music.  The kind of music you would not let your parents hear you listening to and certainly not your child.   I hit play turned the volume all the way up and started my run.  Upon arrivial back at the house some forty minutes later I stuck my underneath to canopy check on Noah and quickly realized that the speaker was not  ment for the parent but rather for the child.

One afternoon when Erin was home I got the chance to go trail running with one of our friends.  It was fantastic, I had forgotten how great it was to run on the trail.  At that moment I made up my mind that I was going to go trail running with Noah, after all the stroller had shocks and the trail was fairly smooth.  Shortly after that epiphany I loaded Noah and the stroller into the car and headed for the trail head.   Once on the  trail I came to the quick conculsion that  this was a brilliant idea.  Five minutes later I realized the trail was a lot bumpier than I had thought and though the back shocks were working marvolusly the rigid front wheel was causing the stroller to bounce around like popcorn in the popper.  Being a bit bull headed  I locked my arms and pushed down slightly on the stroller’s  handles so that the front wheel was off the ground.  No more popcorn popper. BRILLIANT! Five minutes later my arms started to cramp and I started to look for smooth parts where I could put the front wheel back on the ground.  Five minutes after that I was still looking and coming to the reallization that trail running with a stroller  was a lot harder than I thought it would be. None the less I kept going.  Back at the car an hour later I woke Noah who  had been sleeping  almost the entire time.  As I struggled to lift him from the stroller to his car seat with my arms of  Jello I  thought this may have not been the smartest thing I had ever done, but I would still try it again.

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