There Is A Dinner Plate On My Roof


Have you seen my mind? It is not very big anymore so it could be under the couch or perhaps in the corner hidden by dust bunnies. I seem to have lost it. I feel like Toodles the old man looking for his marbles in Hook. Losing my mind started slow like a roller coaster going up. This week however the coaster started going down. First I walked out of the house without the car keys, this would be acceptable if; A. I was not going to drive the car or B. I had not looked at them hanging on the hook the moment before I walked out the door. Today I dropped Noah off at a friend’s for an hour and forgot to bring along the diaper bag. Tonight I drove several blocks with a dirty dinner plate on my roof. Luckily I was going uphill and did not have to make any sudden stops. If I had, the plate would have slid down my windshield or become airborne and landed on the hood, quite possible causing me to pee myself.

2 thoughts on “There Is A Dinner Plate On My Roof

  1. Jorden,

    Not to serious, at least you remembered when you walked outside you were going to the car, and did not have to start back to the house to remember where you were going.


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