Captain Resourceful

I am resourceful. That is what my wife told me yesterday. Why did she tell me this? Because I had dragged Noah and his highchair in front of the bathroom door; placed Cheerios and juice on his tray to occupy him so I could take a shower. I did not think much of it, I have been strapping Noah into one apparatus or another since he was just weeks old so that I could take a shower, eat or do all those things one has to to do to survive. I have never bought into the gripe by a parent that they never get a chance to eat or shower. I figure they are just not thinking outside of the box.

Being resourceful is the name of the game when you are a domestic engineer. You need to figure out ways to make your life just a little easier so you do not totally loose your mind. A prime example of this is our friend who runs with her child (in a stroller). she does this not for the benefit of the child but so she can get a run in and her daughter will go to sleep. Some may say that is is a selfish, but I would disagree. If we, as primary care givers do not help ourselves, then how are we to help our children? This statement goes against all paternal and maternal instincts but the bottom line is it is the truth. Letting your guilt push your need to recharge aside is wrong and when it comes down to it everyone can suffer in the long run. Just because your full time job is to be a full time Mom or Dad does not mean you can not take a break once and awhile.

I climbed onto my soap box for a moment, sorry about that, I will save my rants for another day.

Have I mentioned that I can do many things while holding Noah. My greatest feet thus far is that I have peed while holding him. Now before you climb on your soap box I have to tell you that my options were very limited at the time and I have a chipmunk sized bladder. I could have put him on a public locker-room floor or taken him out and put him in his car seat and then peed on the car tire next to us or I could have held him. I chose door number three as it seemed the cleanest and the least likely to get me arrested. I have transferred laundry from the washer to the dry, sketched, cooked, fed the dog, and brushed my teeth. I do not do this to show off, there is no dad composition that I am training for, and no one around to watch. I am doing this because they need to be done. Sometimes I do things because I want to do them, this blog is a good example, regardless of what the reasoning the end result is the same I am doing it so I can better care for my family. I guess Erin was right after all, which is normally the case, I am resourceful.

One thought on “Captain Resourceful

  1. And when Master Noah starts to walk, a whole new set of skills will be needed to accomplish those tasks. Indeed, it requires a goodly serving of resourcefulness.

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