Noah got his first tooth just before we went on a trip to Michigan at the beginning of July. It completely surprised us. Erin was feeding him some cheese when she felt the tooth. Quickly as we could we yanked down his lower lip to see it, much like one would do to look at horse teeth. Finally we could use all the teething items I had purchased several weeks earlier in a desperate attempt to stop Noah from crying. I had raced out to the store one morning to get baby Orajel, chew, I mean teething toys and an assortment of other things I was lead to believe we needed. When speaking to the pediatrician a couple of weeks later I asked about baby Orajel and if it worked. He laughed at me. Then he explained to us that teething was like pushing a bone through the skin and a little bit of numbing cream really was not going to do much. He suggested a frozen wash cloth would do just as well to ease the pain. A frozen wash cloth I thought, of course, that is simple, logical and not overly priced. While in Michigan Erin’s Mom used her special Grandma powers to see that the second tooth was on its way in. We all looked, we all saw nothing, a few days after we got home the tooth came in. Shortly there after we could see two bumps were the top front teeth were starting to come in. We began looking everyday, first by lifting up his upper lip and then when that no longer worked we hung him upside down and let gravity do the work. In August we went to Maine, certain that the top teeth would come in while we were there. Nothing happened, it was like getting excited for next Christmas on December 26th.

As of today the top teeth are still not in and we are still hanging him upside down and are prone to say that his teeth must hurt when we can not think of any other reason why he is crying. This has lead to a bit of an issue with the recall of brand name ibuprofen. In Utah demand for infant ibuprofen is high and because of this the generic brands sell out rather fast. Thinking it is Noah’s teeth that are always hurting him we tend to give him ibuprofen on a fairly regular basis. I have spent hours driving from store to store all over the valley trying to find just one box. The other day I noticed there was a lot ibuprofen on the shelves. I filled up half my basket with the stuff which caused some funny looks from the cashier. I am sure the thought in her head was something along the lines of What the heck is this guy going to do with 25 boxes of infant Ibuprofen and two packages of cookie dough?

One thought on “Teething

  1. Well, we know what the ibprofin is for but do you lace the cookie dough with scotch [something I may have try] and then eat it and it doesn’t matter what’s happening……..

    Feeling sorry for Noah being hung upside down. Do the docs have any thoughts as to why it’s taking this long? Or is this long normal?

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