Without Rest Our Nights Grievous

Noah slept through the night on Tuesday, and Wednesday was sheer bliss.   We were so proud of ourselves that I wrote about our problem solving skills.(link).  Now I am writing about how we were oh so wrong.   We thought we had it figured out so we started a bedtime routine that included a snack. The routine went smoothly, but very early Thursday morning  I found myself sitting in the dark again looking  at  a mediocre movie on the tiny screen of my IPod when it occurred to me that this was yet another thing I was wrong about. Bad movies at two in the morning can only take away the pain of being awake for so long, about two days. Then they just become even worse movies because you are watching them when you really want to be sleeping.  By Thursday night we started to turn on each other, like poorly scripted actors in bad horror movie we were arguing in the dark about things that did not matter, even at that moment.  We had reached the end of our ropes.  Neither one of us could sit up with him any longer and so we lay there, flat on our backs with our eyes scrunched shut, trying to sleep as he screamed and screamed for forty minutes.   When I got up to go the bathroom in the middle of all this (I have a chipmunk sized bladder), I could hear him forlornly sniffing and letting out muted little cries.  It took all of my strength not to go in there; I would have been more comfortable if someone had kicked me in the groin at that moment.

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