Shouting From The Rooftops


Erin and I will celebrate our fourth anniversary today.  I am hoping for some sort of Jell-O dessert to celebrate. If I could, I would shout about my love and gratitude for her from the rooftops of the city.

I was not courageous until I met my wife.  I had many dreams and plans that were either completely shelved or were in the category of next year I am going to . . . Out of lack of support, fear and being comfortably miserable right where I was, there was only talking never action.   It is because of the love and support of Erin that I write this blog, that I call myself a writer, that I have accomplished many of my dreams and of course that I get to be a stay-at-home dad.

Through Erin I have learned that not everything has to be perfect and sometimes, in fact, perfect is wrong.  With her support, I have looked deep into myself and discovered the true me that had been hiding all those years. I am finally unafraid, no longer worried about ridicule or judgment.  With Erin I have learned that dreams come true, you just need to be a little patient and have a little faith to get you there.

I may be a smart man for marrying a doctor but I am a lucky man for having such an amazing, supportive and encouraging wife.




One thought on “Shouting From The Rooftops

  1. I think Erin would echo the same comments about you! You are an amazing, gentle man who holds the heart of our daughter and the admiration of your family for the care you give our grandson!

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