Where Are the Brakes on This Thing


It was bound to happen: Life got in the way of writing.  Since I am a dad first and then a blogger, I should have known it was going to happen.  Noah and I spent yesterday car shopping because his new car seat is much bigger than his old one, and though it fit into my car, we could not get Noah in or out of the seat without performing a magic trick.

Now we are the proud owners of a car with a back seat as big as a banquet hall and a much larger opening.  Along with that, preparing for the family arrivals and the wonderful new development of Noah deciding  he would rather not nap have left me will little down time.  The blog may be a bit quiet for the next couple of days. I’m already planning my next posts, though, so keep your eyes open.  If you need to satisfy your Smart Men addiction, have a look back at some of the earlier blogs.  Thank you for reading, and please tell your friends.



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